Moving Home
2023 my studio is now at home.  The great habits and routines I learnt in 2022 are helping me stay focused on my artwork even with the distractions of being at home. When I paint I do enjoy quietness as painting does require a lot of concentration.
My New Studio
Having a beautiful, quiet place to work allows me to focus, without interruption, on my art.
There are always flowers
I don’t live in one of the most beautiful suburbs of Melbourne but flowers don’t discriminate – they are beautiful wherever they bloom.
Changing Directions
Over the next few months, since that initial fleeting idea of, ‘maybe I could paint full time’, I received a couple of very encouraging comments from artist friends which served to jog my memory and remind me of that thought.
Journey With Me
For me, at this time, I find this resonance with flowers.  When I take time and space to calm my mind – to go for a walk, turn off my phone, stop looking at what other people are doing – this is what rises to the surface.