Journey With Me

Journey With Me

I have always been drawn to paint flowers – no matter what medium I’ve been using. I’ve sometimes questioned this - thinking that maybe I should be painting something more ‘contemporary’ or something that makes more of a social comment. I am sure that my art with take different tangents, ones that I haven’t even thought of - especially now that I’m painting full time. However, as the artist Ian Roberts says,

‘Art and beauty are about that inner resonance. Some inexplicable reaction stops us and we find ourselves connected with something other than our self’.

For me, at this time, I find this resonance with flowers. When I take time and space to calm my mind – to go for a walk, turn off my phone, stop looking at what other people are doing – this is what rises to the surface. For now, I’m putting my ‘blinkers’ on and focusing on following the vision I have to it’s completion. This could take the rest of this year as I’m painting a series of paintings, ‘A Year In My Garden’, with each painting taking around 100 hours.

Along the way I’ll collect ideas, maybe take a couple of little minor detours, but mostly I’ll stay on task.

I’m really enjoying the process so far!

When you view these paintings I hope you smile and feel like these flowers are wrapping around you like a beautiful hug. That’s what gardens are for.