Moving Home

Moving Home

It has been too long since my last update.  2022 was a wonderful year.  My days in the studio always began with me giving thanks -  as I never wanted to take this opportunity for granted.  I learnt a lot about myself – especially how to overcome the distractions of my mind and settle into the task of painting.  This process became easier as time went on – often to the point of being able to settle into painting without any mind battles at all only to find that several hours had passed and it was time to leave it for the day.  There were also days – directly related to other happenings in my life – when I couldn’t quieten my mind and so gave myself permission to go and do something else for the day.

When I paint I do enjoy quietness as painting does require a lot of concentration.  Sometimes I would listen to podcasts or audiobooks but not that often.

2023 -  my studio is now at home.  The great habits and routines I learnt in 2022 are helping me stay focused on my artwork even with the distractions of being at home.  I have a studio room set up where I can shut the door and paint.  Although - with my messier paintings I prefer to work on the kitchen bench.

Lately, I have been taking some online painting workshops with the intention of learning new techniques and continuing to develop my creativity.  I also spend time learning more about myself by listening to podcasts, audiobooks, praying, meditating – and a lot of talking to myself.  Sometimes I struggle with direction, comparison, doubts…..and often I don’t struggle.  Fortunately I have support from people close to me who offer wise and timely counsel.

I’m hoping to have shorter blogs – more often.  Thank you for your interest in my journey.xx